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Benro 3XM 3-Axis Mirrorless Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

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Two Carry Positions – Foldable Design – Directional Control –  Auto Rotation – Shooting Modes – 45 Degree Offset – 360° Pan/Tilt/Roll – Audio Cabling -Support up to 3.9 lbs. – 12 Hour Battery Life – 3 Axis – Customizable Buttons – App Available – Universal Adapter – Carrying Case – ¼-20 Threaded Hole

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Benro X-Series 3XM is a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer with a unique swivel handle designed for different filming angles and compact for travel.

The Benro X-Series 3XM is unlike other gimbal stabilizers, which allow for straight holding only. The Benro 3XM’s adjustable handle allows for both Upright and Carry handling modes. Upright Mode is suitable for high angle and medium angle filming. Carry Mode is best for low angle filming. Combining these options will help you get the most out of your stabilizer.

Ideal for cameras up to 3.9 lbs, the 3XM features CNC machining with an innovative design. It’s collapsible handle, makes it perfect for traveling light. The 3XM’s ergonomic silicon grip provides comfortable handling at all times.

By turning the button on the handle, you can quickly and easily convert your 3XM from high angle to low angle mode. This makes it simple to track low moving objects or achieve a low 360 Degree shot comfortably by putting less strain on your wrist and in turn giving you incredible results.

With a 12-hour battery life, the 3XM is guaranteed to keep up with you during the most extensive days of shooting. With its multi-functional camera control, you can easily select and control your desired camera movements.

By pressing down on the Mode/On side button function, you can switch between three different shooting modes:

  • With Universal Follow Mode (Pink), the 3XM provides smooth camera movements towards the direction your aiming. You would use this mode when circling around a subject or making several dynamic camera movements following a subject.
  • Locked-down mode (Blue) keeps the camera locked on a subject while moving the gimbal. With this mode you can replicate movements similar to a jib or slider.
  • Horizontal follow mode (Orange) provides smooth and level movement based on where you move the camera horizontally. You would use this mode when doing a lot of dynamic panning movements around corners.

By using the directional button in conjunction with these modes, you can flawlessly and precisely control your movements. The threaded receiver allows for additional attachments, giving you even more flexibility with your shots.

The companion smart phone app allows you to calibrate your 3XM, operate it remotely, adjust parameters, update the firmware, create a panorama, or create a beautiful time-lapse with dynamic motion. For advanced camera control you can directly operate the photo shutter/focus, video record, and zoom directly from the app or handle for Sony and Panasonic cameras in order to make filming more convenient.

The underside of the Benro 3XM handle has an adaptable 3/8-16 and 1/4-20 threaded hole for mounting the stabilizer to a tripod. This allows you to connect the camera at a particular spot while still using the various shooting modes.

The Benro 3XM is ideal for multiple camera types such as: DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and most other camera systems under 2.9 lbs.


  • Swivel Handle: The unique swivel handle is designed for different filming angles and is compact for travel.
  • Long Battery Life:The 3XM will last for 12 hours on a single charge.
  • Smartphone App: Calibrate your 3XM, remotely control your stabilizer and camera, and upgrade your firmware all via the Benro Red Dog App.
  • Three Shooting Modes: Your 3XM has 3 modes: Universal Follow Mode, Locked-Down Mode and Horizontal Follow Mode. Each mode allows you to control how the gimbal functions for different shooting scenarios.
  • Quick Storage Case: The included carrying case allows you to retain the individual axis positions which will save you a lot of setup time at your next location

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