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Delkin Devices Archival Gold Scratch Armor CD-R Disc (25 Spindle Pack)

SKU: 240055763 - VSN: DDCD-R-SA/25


Patented Phthalocyanine dye formula that gives a storage life of 300 years. – Gold is one of the most reflective robust elements on Earth. More than 20 of 24k gold in every CD-R. – Maximum resistance to the harmful effects of oxidation, a main cause of failure to optical media. – Scratch Armor’s protective layer prevents scratches, scuffs, dirt, chemicals, and fingerprints

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An Archival recordable Gold CD-R made with a patented Phthalocyanine dye that reacts faster to the disc drive’s writing laser, making the pit edges used to store data sharper and easier to read. This dye offers the maximum resistant to the effects of light, humidity and heat. The CD’s reflective layer is made with 24K gold instead of silver, which stops degradation from oxidation (CD rot).

Scratch Armor’s protective layer prevents scratches, scuffs, dirt, chemicals, an d fingerprints; the clear scratch resistant coating that comes on the Archival Gold media prevents damage from the daily grind that CD’s and DVD’s are faced wi th. Combined with Archival Gold’s established reliability, Archival Gold with Scratch Armor also increases the quality and lifespan of recordable media

Long term storage of digital files, including pictures, music and other data. Tested through accelerated aging processes and shown to safely store data for more then 300 years.

The CD is a disc with a diameter of 120 mm and a thickness of 1.2 mm. The central hole, used to center the CD, has a diameter of 15 mm.