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Delkin Devices SensorScope DSLR Camera Sensor Cleaning System

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Delkin Devices SensorScope DSLR Camera Sensor Cleaning System – Complete Kit for Cleaning Image Sensors – SensorScope for DSLRs – SensorVac – SensorSolution Cleaning Fluid – 12x Small SensorSafe Cleaning Wands – 6x Medium SensorSafe Cleaning Wands – 6x Large SensorSafe Cleaning Wands – SensorPen Polishing Tool – Cleaning Cloth – Cleaning Guide and Carrying Case

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SensorScope Cleaning System by Delkin Devices eliminates debris from your valuable CCD or CMOS scope, chamber and lens without damage or overexposure. SensorScope LED magnifying lens, SensorVac vacuum, SensorSafe Wands and SensorSolution liquid effectively remove dry particles and moisture stains.

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    STEP UP RING 55-58

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    ProMaster Professional Lens Cap – 37mm

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    Canon EW-63C Lens Hood for EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens

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    Olympus LH-61F Lens Hood (Silver)