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Glide Gear Camera Stabilizer (0-2 Lbs Camera)

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Small Device Stabilizer – Load Capacity up to 2 lbs. – Gimbal Joint – Tracking Knob – Camera Cushion Strips – Camera Plate Adjustable to 2″ – Multiple Sized Counterweights – Aluminum Construction

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The SYL-1000 Small Camera, GoPro, and Phone Stabilizer from Glide Gear is a bow-shaped handheld stabilizer designed for shooting smooth, shake-free videos. It can hold cameras up to 1.5 lb and can be individually balanced for each camera with the included counterweights. You can also adjust the camera screw 2″ fore and aft to help with camera balance. It includes adapters for mounting small cameras, GoPro cameras, and phones to the stabilizer.

The stabilizer is made from non-rust stainless steel and aluminum and features a foam grip on the handle for added comfort, especially if filming in cold weather. For easy transport, a carrying case is included.



Load up to 2 lbs.
Dimensions 13" x 9" x .5"
Brand Name Glide Gear
Product Type Accessory
Counterweight .6 oz x 20 / .25 oz x 4
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