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Glide Gear SYL 3000 – Video DSLR Hand Stabilizer

SKU: 555030001 - VSN: SYL-3000


Stabilizer for Smartphones, GoPros and Other Cameras up to 2lbs – Plate Adjustable to 2″ – 6061 Aluminum – Easy Balancing – 20 Large Counterweight Discs – 4 Small Counterweight Discs – Carry Bag Included

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The SYL-3000 Camera Stabilizer by Glide Gear is a bow-shaped handheld stabilizer designed for shooting smooth, shake-free videos. It can hold cameras up to 3 lb and can be individually balanced for each camera with the included counterweights. You can also adjust the camera screw 2″ fore and aft to help with camera balance.

The stabilizer is made from non-rust stainless steel and aluminum and features a foam grip on the handle for added comfort, especially if filming in cold weather. A carrying case is included for easy transport.


  • A gimbal joint prevents angular disturbance and hand shake from passing to the camera
  • A tracking knob above the gimbal joint allows you to control and aim the camera with your thumb while holding the grip
  • By loosening the 360 nut you can change the angle of the handle, giving you a wider range of motion
  • Camera cushion strips reduce vibration and help keep your camera in place when mounted on the bow arm



Brand Name Glide Gear
Product Type Accessory
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