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Kodak Professional T-MAX Developer (33.8 oz / 1 l)

SKU: 302550851 - VSN: 505 0851


  • Liquid Concentrate B&W Film Developer – Good Shadow Detail & Tonal Reproduction – For Normal or Push Processing – Designed for Roll Film Development – Makes 5 l Working Solution at 1:4 Ratio

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Kodak’s Professional T-MAX Developer is a liquid concentrate black and white film developer helping to produce expanded shadow detail and maintain accurate tonal reproduction with normally processed and push-processed roll films. This concentrate is a buffered solution designed to be diluted with water at 1:4 for easy mixing for small tank and rotary tube development. This 1 l bottle contains enough concentrate to make 5 l of working solution. Professional T-MAX developer is designed for one-shot use and should not be replenished. It is meant for roll film only and not recommended for use with sheet films.

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