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LaCie 2TB Rugged Mini Portable Hard Drive

SKU: 241090002 - VSN: LAC9000298


USB 3.0 Interface – 5400 rpm Speed – Transfer Rate Up to 130 MB/s – 4′ Maximum Drop Height – LaCie Private-Public Software – Automatic Backup

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The LaCie Rugged Mini Portable Hard Drive provides 2TB of space for storing your data. In addition, the drive, as its name suggests, has a hard-boiled design that can stand up to the hazards of daily living. In fact, this drive can take a fall from up to 4′ (non-operating mode) without harm to the drive or your information. The Rugged Mini is also pressure-resistant and rain-resistant as well. However, the familiar orange trim probably already told you that. 

Being tough is one thing, but the Rugged Mini is also a true performer. The drive features a USB 3.0 interface – which is also USB 2.0 compliant – and a supports a maximum theoretical transfer rate of up to 5Gb/s. When it comes to rpm, the drive functions at 5400 rotations per minute. Beyond speed, the Rugged Mini has security on its agenda. The LaCie Private-Public software that comes built-into the drive ensures that you can keep private files private with the help of a password protected section of the drive. 


Brand Name LaCie
Product Type Hard Drive