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Nikon MH-26aAK Adapter Kit

SKU: 133538346 - VSN: 27112


Charge EN-EL4/EN-EL4a on MH-26a – Charges EN-EL18 and EN-EL18a Batteries

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The Nikon MH-26aAK Adapter Kit includes a BT-A10 adapter and an MH-26a dual battery charger. The MH-26a charges and calibrates the EN-EL18 and EN-EL18a Li-Ion batteries for the D4 and D4S cameras, and MB-D12 battery pack. The adapter attaches to one of the slots on the MH-26a and charges the EN-EL4 and EN-EL4a Li-Ion batteries for the D3 series cameras, and the MB-10 and MB-40 battery packs.


Brand Name Nikonr
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