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Zhiyun-Tech Crane 3-Lab Handheld Stabilizer for DSLR

SKU: 555032019 - VSN: CRANE 3 LAB


Wireless Full HD Image Transmission – Synchronous Zoom and Focus Control – Supports External Focus and Zoom Motors – Secondary Handgrip – 1080p Video and Control via App – ViaTouch Control System Touch-Panel App – Aviation-Grade Motors – Sliding Camera Balance Plate – Individually Lockable Axes

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The Zhiyun Crane 3-Lab Handheld Stabilizer for DSLR takes a new direction in gimbal stabilizer design by designing the gimbal with a secondary handgrip where most of the manual controls and batteries are located. This allows the main handle to be shorter than previous versions of the Crane gimbal, allowing you to get closer to the ground for low-angle shots. The fixed-position secondary handle allows for a smooth transition to and from low mode as there is no repositioning of the handles required, just change your hand position. The gimbal supports two optional motors for focus and zoom, both controllable from the secondary handgrip as well as the app.

The gimbal can transmit 1080p video from your camera over Wi-Fi to a mobile device running the app. Your camera mounts on the sliding camera balance plate, and each axis has sliding adjustment allowing you to balance your camera on the gimbal. The Crane 3-Lab incorporates locks into each axis, allowing you to balance one axis at a time (you will need to release the locks before using the gimbal).

The gimbal includes a micro-USB cable and Type-C adapter that enables control of your camera’s functions and supports 1080p video.
The gimbal can transmit the camera’s output video, up to 1080p, to a mobile device running the free app.
The app will allow you to control the parameters of most cameras while controlling the gimbal and supporting the following:
Smartphone monitor
HDMI image transmission (high-resolution)
G-Mode motion control (mimic joystick)
Auto-follow object mode
Adjust camera exposure values (ISO, white balance, framing, etc.)
Two channels for focus and zoom control
The gimbal supports up to two lens control motors. However, no motors are included and they must be sourced separately.


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