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Ilford SIMPLICITY Film Fixer (100mL , 5-Pack)

SKU: 302578898 - VSN: 1178898


Fixer – 5 Packets – Each packet develops either 2 rolls of 35mm film or 1 roll of 120

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Designed for convenience and ease of use, SIMPLICITY Film Fixer from Ilford is a pre-measured portion of RAPID FIXER liquid concentrate fixer, delivered in a single-use sachet. Each sachet contains 100mL of chemistry, which is then mixed with 500mL of water (1+5 dilution) at temperature to create a 600mL working solution for processing one roll of 120 or two rolls of 35mm film in a two-reel, 600mL developing tank.

RAPID FIXER is a rapid-acting, non-hardening fixer that should not be used with any hardeners.

This item contains 5x 100mL single-use sachets of fixer.


Brand Name Ilford
Product Type Darkroom Accessories
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