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Ilford Simplicity Stop Bath (30mL, 5-Pack)

SKU: 302578889 - VSN: 1178889


Stop Bath – 5 Packets – Each packet develops either 2 rolls of 35mm film or 1 roll of 120

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Designed for convenience and ease of use, SIMPLICITY Stop Bath from Ilford is a pre-measured portion of ILFOSTOP liquid concentrate stop bath, delivered in a single-use sachet. Each sachet contains 30mL of chemistry, which is then mixed with 570mL of water (1+19 dilution) at temperature to create a 600mL working solution for processing one roll of 120 or two rolls of 35mm film in a two-reel, 600mL developing tank.

ILFOSTOP is a low odor, citric acid-based stop bath that stops the development process and helps to prolong the life and activity of the fixer solution. It is recommended to ensure accurate development times.

This item contains 5x 30mL single-use sachets of stop bath.


Brand Name Ilford
Product Type Darkroom Accessories
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