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Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-400mm F4.5 TC1.25x IS PRO Mirrorless Telephoto Lens with Built In Teleconverter V315060BU000

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Equipped with a built-in 1.25x teleconverter, this lens covers a powerful focal length of 300-1000mm equivalent1, and is only 4.1lbs and 12.4 inches in length. Leave the tripod at home. The high-performance 5-Axis Sync IS delivers the world’s most effective 8 shutter speed steps 2 of compensation, enabling up to 1000mm equivalent1 handheld super telephoto shooting. When paired with the optional M.Zuiko Digital 2x Teleconverter MC-20, this Micro Four Thirds® System ultra-zoom lens is capable of up to 2000mm equivalent1 super telephoto shooting.

Ultimate Super-Telephoto Optical Performance

Lens construction consists of 28 elements in 18 groups, including a newly developed large- diameter EDA lens 3 and four Super ED lenses 4 , reducing flares and color bleeding across the entire zoom range, and delivering superb edge-to-edge resolution and clarity. Olympus’ renowned Z Coating Nano technology is employed to suppress reflective light and provide sharp, clear image quality, even in difficult shooting environments, such as backlit scenes. The lens body features a built-in 1.25x teleconverter, maintaining high optical performance while enabling up to 1000mm equivalent 1 handheld super telephoto shooting, simply by flipping down the teleconverter. Additionally, the lens is compatible with optional M.Zuiko Digital MC-14 1.4x and MC-20 2x teleconverters. When paired with the MC-20, this lens is capable of up to2000mm equivalent 1 super telephoto shooting. This lens features a close focusing distance of 1.3 m across the entire zoom range and close-up shooting performance with a maximum image magnification of 0.57x 1 , which increases to 0.71x 1 when using the built-in teleconverter, for those who enjoy tele macro shooting.

Unrivaled Portability and Weather Sealed Design

The lens barrel is designed using magnesium alloy and the lens hood with a lightweight carbon fiber to ensure that the center of gravity of the lens does not shift, due to imbalance, when the lens hood is used. Use of optimal materials in each area of the lens maintains strength and precision while delivering a compact, lightweight design with a length of 12.4 inches and weight of only 4.1 lbs. 5 , for unprecedented mobility. Pairing this lens with the superb dustproof, splashproof, and freezeproof performance of the Olympus OM-D ® E-M1X enables the user to
continue shooting in punishing environments such as rain and snow with peace of mind. Compared with the black coating on conventional lenses, the heat-resistant coating of this PRO lens efficiently reflects the infrared rays of sunlight, keeping temperatures inside the lens from
rising, even in blazing hot weather, for stable optical performance. The front element of the lens features a fluorine coating to provide a smooth and scratch resistant surface and allows easier cleaning for better maintenance.

Powerful Image Stabilization and Fast, High-Precision Autofocus

The M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-400mm F4.5 TC1.25x IS PRO lens supports 5-Axis Sync IS, and at 300mm equivalent 1 delivers the world’s most effective 8 shutter speed steps 2 of image stabilization, and at 1000mm equivalent 1 delivers up to 6 shutter speed steps 6 of image
stabilization, when using the built-in teleconverter. This powerful image stabilization is also available in the super telephoto range, up to 2000mm equivalent 1 , when paired with the optional MC-20 Teleconverter. High image quality hand-held shooting is possible, making it perfect for
wildlife, birding, nature photography and more. Olympus proprietary high-precision lens thinning technology makes the focusing lenses lightweight, delivering fast and precise focusing across  the entire zoom range.

Additional information


Mirrorless Lens


Micro Four Thirds M4/3

Maximum Aperture




Focal Length


Focus Type



Brand Name Olympus
Manufacturer Olympus Corporation
Product Name M.ZUIKO Digital ED 150-400MM F4.5 TC1.25X IS PRO
Product Type Lens
Marketing Information


Announcing breakthrough technology that changes the way you shoot. The M.Zuiko 150-400mm IS PRO delivers unrivaled portability, imaging power, and all-weather performance. At only 4.1 pounds and 12.4 inches in length, you can easily hold the 35mm-equivalent 1000mm reach for unprecedented mobility. Powerful image stabilization enables sharp telephoto images, all handheld. Break free from your tripod. The ultra-zoom revolution has begun.


Capture richly detailed images with the powerful ultra-telephoto lens you can comfortably hold in your hand.

Powerful Focal Range

Experience incredible telephoto reach that makes distances disappear and subject details appear like they're at your fingertips.

Bright, Fixed Aperture

Enjoy a bright, maximum aperture across the entire zoom range that produces images with superb edge-to-edge resolution and clarity.

Built-In Teleconverter

Extend your zoom range to a 35mm equivalent 1000mm just by flipping down the built-in 1.25x teleconverter.

Manufacturer Part Number V335300BW000
Manufacturer Website Address http://www.olympusamerica.com


  • Dust Proof
  • Splash Proof
  • Freeze Proof
Lens Type Zoom
Optical Zoom 2.7x
Field Of View 8.2° (wide) - 3.1° (tele) (with a built-in teleconverter: 6.6° - 2.5°)
Magnification 0.12x
Lens Type Detail
  • Telephoto
  • Ultra Telephoto
  • Teleconverter
Maximum Aperture f/4.5
Minimum Aperture f/22
Maximum Focal Length 400 mm
Minimum Focal Length 150 mm
Minimum Focus Distance 51.18"
Filter Attachment Diameter 95 mm
Number Of Diaphragm Blades 9


Length 12.4"
Diameter 4.6"
Weight Approximate 4.13 lb

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