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Photo Archive Box



Preserve your photos with affordable bulk scanning!

Have your old photos digitized with our easy and affordable bulk scanning service! Just purchase the Photo Archive Box online or in-store, place your photos inside, then drop it off at one of our stores. We’ll carefully hand-scan each of your photos onto an archival DVD at their original size at 300 dpi. And since we scan your photos in-house, they never leave our store!

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Preserve your cherished photos with easy and affordable bulk scanning! Simply purchase the Photo Archive Box online or in-store, then fill it with up with loose photos wallet sized (2.5×3.5”) up to 8×10”and drop off at either one of our locations. Your images will be carefully scanned in-house at their original size at 300 dpi and saved to an archival DVD – perfect for archiving, printing and viewing online! Fits up to 750 – 4×6 photos!

Its an easy way to share photographs with family and friends! Please note: Photo Archive box does not include negatives or slide scan services.


STEP 1: Purchase the Photo Archive Box, bring it home & fill it with up to 750 loose photos

STEP 2: Return the box to either one of our stores: Golden Valley or Roseville 

STEP 3: 2 weeks later, pick-up your original photos and a new archival DVD of the digital images!*

*Turnaround time may vary, including during the holiday season.


Photo Archive Box Checklist & Tips

  • Fill this box with photos sized 2.5×3.5” up to 8×10”. It holds up to 750 – 4×6“ photos, however final quantity will vary with photo size varies. Box must close flush. If box does not close flush, additional photos are 19¢ each to scan. 

  • Photos will be scanned at their original size at 300 dpi, ideal for viewing on screens (computer, television, internet) and reprints at original size. Higher resolution scans are available at $2.99 per scan. 

  • This service does not include negative and slide scanning. See our Archiving Price List for additional scanning services. 

  • Photos smaller than 2.5×3.5” and larger than 8×10” will require an additional Flatbed Scan Service, $1.99 per scan. This also includes aged photos and more. See “Photo Archive Box Extras” for details.  

  • Copyrighted photos will not be scanned due to copyright laws. 

  • Service does not include the scanning of the back of the photos. 

  • Please group same sized photos/formats together, face up, and remove all tape, staples and paper clips. 

  • Organize your images with Digital Folders. See “Photo Archive Box Extras” for details.  

  • Your photos will be re-stacked for efficient scanning, therefore they may not be in the order you submitted them. However, we will do our best to keep your photos organized as they were in box.

Turnaround time is two weeks.*

*Turnaround time may vary, including during the holiday season.

Photo Archive Box Extras

When dropping off your Photo Archive Box, you may select any of these additional services to help you get the archiving service perfect for you!

• Flatbed Scan Service, $1.99 per scan

  • Applies to all aged, delicate, mounted and tin-type photos, thicker photos including Polaroids, and photos smaller than 2.5×3″ or larger than 8×10″, plus photos with tape or sticky residue on back of photo. Please note: If service is not selected, these photos will not be scanned. Selection applies to entire order.

• Organize your images with Digital Folders on DVD, $2.00 per folder

  • Photos must be grouped together by bags or banding only, labeled clearly. Additional sorting services not available.

• 4×6” Print of each scanned photo, $0.19 per print

  • Selection applies to entire order. Print discount only available at time of drop off.

• Contact Sheet of all scans, $9.99

  • Have us print contact sheets of your entire scan order so you know what photos are on the CD

• Transfer files to USB Flash Drive, $19.99 additional

• Additional DVD for family & friends, $7.99 each


For more information, please visit our Archiving Services page

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