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ProMaster Epoch 328/4W Tripod Kit 68537

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With 3-section legs and a precise 4-way head, the Epoch is an impeccable blend of classic looks and contemporary performance.

There are more options than ever before for making images, and sometimes all you need is an imaginative mind and whatever device you have on hand. The ultimate photographic experience, however, is about much more than snapping a picture with a phone: it involves the tactile joys of using equipment designed with care and purpose, and the satisfaction that occurs when the process is equally fulfilling as the results. The Epoch is built for stability, precision, and a robust, high-end feel that will inspire you to grab your gear and get creative. Both a conversation piece and a workhorse, it is a serious tool capable of delivering professional results.

Simplicity and Stability: The 3-section leg design

The Epoch’s 3 rigid leg sections are made from modern, high-strength, thin-wall aluminum. With a light silver finish, the legs have the outward appearance of an older stainless steel tripod but do so without tipping the scales: they are lightweight and strong. Fewer leg sections means fewer joints, and fewer joints means greater strength. There are just two locks on each leg, and the smallest leg section has a robust 22mm diameter—these features provide far greater stability than a 5-section tripod. Both twist locks can be opened and closed at the same time so that each leg can be fully extended in a matter of seconds, even while wearing thick gloves. The Epoch’s leg locks are machined from aluminum with a black and silver design that pays homage to the scalloped focusing ring found on some classic camera lenses.

The 3-section design of the Epoch makes it ideal for landscapes, astrophotography, time lapses, and long exposures in tough weather conditions.

A soft grip on one of the tripod’s legs allows for comfortable carrying, especially in cold weather. The Epoch’s feet are connected with ⅜”-16 ports, so you can swap the feet with ProMaster’s All Terrain Feet if desired.

The Collar and Column

Spring-loaded aluminum push buttons on the Epoch’s collar allow you to independently adjust each leg to one of 3 possible positions. A ⅜”-16 connection port is found in the side of the collar for attaching accessories.

The 2-piece center column can be reversed or shortened for ground-level work. Its height is adjusted by a twist-style collar lock which matches the design of the tripod’s leg locks. A metal weight hook on the column adds even more stability.

Ultimate precision for perfect compositions: the benefits of a pan/tilt head.

While ball heads are popular and useful, 4-way heads are a superior tool when precision is needed. The Epoch’s head may look old school, but it’s a fully modern head with a Dovetail (arca-type) quick-release system. Unlike ball heads which move in any direction, even when you don’t want them to, a pan/tilt head offers a level of precision which can only be achieved when each axis has its own controls. This allows you to isolate your camera’s movement to one direction at a time while honing your composition. These features are also ideal for macro and architectural work where precision is imperative.

The head’s top rotation features an arca-type Dovetail quick-release mount makes it easy to use with both compatible L-brackets (which mount in a sideways direction) as well as long, telephoto lenses (which typically mount in a front-to back-direction). All 4 of the head’s movements have their own scales, so it is easy to see their movement by degree. This can be especially helpful for panoramic photography or when it is necessary to repeat a particular setup. Three bubble levels aid in setting the head up properly and in keeping horizon lines correct.

Most heads have a base rotational movement—the Epoch’s head adds a top movement. This allows you to rotate the camera above any tilt you have applied to the controls below it. Consider times when the camera is tilted to a portrait orientation. Using the top rotation lets you swivel the camera in a vertical motion, which is very different from using the base rotation in a panning motion. Either movement changes a composition in a very different way.

Paired with the stable 3-section legs, this head makes the Epoch an exceptional choice for any situation where precision and stability are must-haves. Pan/tilt heads are also well-suited for spotting scopes and binoculars!

The Epoch’s vintage aesthetic continues with its included brown canvas carrying case. This padded bag has both a handle and a shoulder strap. It uses a convenient drawstring closure and has a small, zippered accessory pouch for storing tools, a remote release, or other small accessories.


– Classic looks with modern features

– 3-section legs yield fantastic stability with fewer joints and larger bottom sections

– 4-way head with precise individual movements and controls for each axis

– The head features 360° panning at both its base and its top

– Independently adjustable leg angles

– 3/8”-16 threaded accessory connection port located in the tripod’s collar

– Two-piece, reversible center column can be extended for a high maximum reach or shortened for ground-level work.

– Weight hook at the bottom of the column allows for added stability

– Dovetail (arca-type) head quick release is convenient and compatible with a variety of L-brackets and other QR plates

Kit includes:

– Epoch 328 Tripod Legs
– Epoch 4-way Pan/Tilt Head
– 1816 Dovetail (arca-type) Quick Release Plate
– Hex wrenches (4mm x 2 & 2.5mm)
– Padded Canvas Storage Bag
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